One of the uncommon online marketing method is Pay per view marketing method. This method is also known as CPV ( Cost per view). In PPV marketing, You need to pay for per view impression of your advert.

Pop-ups, Pop-under, interstitial ads are the key adverts in PPV marketing. PPV ads are only appear in those computers or mobile devices that have installed Adwares. Adwares are part of premium softwares that are availabel for free download such as toolbars.

Whenever a person search in google or visit a website that you targeted, your adverts will appear to that user. PPV is highly intrusive and even interrupt User’s task.

Benefits of PPV Marketing

Major benefits of PPV marketing is listed below.

  • Branding: You can do branding easily with PPV. You can display your ads on competitors website and have good impact on your brand specially if your Brand is new.
  • Cost : PPV is the cheapest mode of online marketing available now. It cost 1/5 of other advertising methods such as google, facebook , so on…
  • High Quality Traffic: Your website can get laser targeted quality traffic. All you need to target only those keywords that represent that people are in buy mode such as ” buy product name online ” , or Target those url where buyers redirected i.e CART on competitors website.
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