What Are The Top Google Search Engine Ranking Factors?

I will List Only Most Important factors which can boost your ranking in search engine like a rocket .  You must read Entire Article Carefully so that you can set a blueprint for SEO and implement it for TOP 10 Search Engine Ranking.

domain related ranking factors

Domain Related Ranking Factors

Before you buy any domain, Consider these factors.

1. Domain Name (Your Website Link/URL): Keyword Or Brand Name must appear in domain name. Would be great if you grab a domain with keyword as first word.  Example: Keyword is Games , Desired domain name is games.com, games.org, games.net , Gamesworld.com , GamesDownload.com, [Brand]Game.com, [Brand].com
2. Domain Length: Make sure Domain Length Never exceed 20 characters Including TLD. Example: Google.com have 10 Characters.
3. Country TLD Extension: If your target audience is global then go with .com, .net, org . If your target audience belongs to particular country then go with Country Extension like .US for America , .CA for Canada.
4. Domain Registration Time: Always Buy Domain for minimum of 2 Years and Recommended Duration is 3 Years or More.
5. Public vs Private Registration: Public Registration is Good for SEO but it doesn’t mean Private Registration is Bad. Fact is it doesn’t matter. Private Registration is just to Protect you from spamming via emails nothing belong to SEO.

web page related ranking factors

Web Page Related Google Ranking Factors

These factors related to any particular web page/Single Post.

  1. Keyword in Title: This is Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factor. You must define Main Keyword of your web page in Title of the page. Start your web page title with keyword or Make a Sensible Title which force audience to visit your website when listed in Search Engine Results. You can use WH family words in front of main keyword Example: Keyword “Search Engine” , Title : ” WHat is Search Engine? How to Use them” Or Keyword: “Pc Games” Title: ” Pc Games Free Download”.
  2. Length of Title: Limit of the Length of Title to below 65 Characters. Because Title in Search engine results don’t display above this limit. So beyond using this limit , you are spoiling your website.
  3. Keyword in Description: Make sure to use of Keyword in Web page Description Tag. Its an Important Ranking Factor. Whenever you write description, Ensure that description is relevant to Content of the page and make sense which will attract Readers from search engine. You can use related keywords in description as well. Example: Keyword: “Buy Iphone” , Description : ” Buy Iphone 6 at Heavily Discounted Price, First Thousand Visitors will enjoy Redcued price. Hurry Up, Purchase Iphone 6 Now!”
  4. Length of Description Tag: 156 characters is the limit for length of description which is used to display in search engine results. If you Overlimit this , again your are spoiling your ranking.
  5. Length of Main Content : Length of main articles is all depend on the information you are sharing. whenever you write content, Provide complete information about the Main topic for which you created that particular web page. Make sure your readers which came from search engine got satisfied with the information you are providing. It is also very important Search Engine Ranking Factor.
  6. Keyword Density: Make Sure Keyword density is about 2% of the total words used for any article.
  7. Loading Speed of Page: Search engines prefers to rank higher only those pages which have relavant content and loads faster. Your Web page must load within 5 seconds and Maximum of 10 seconds for complete loading.
  8. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content will kill your website in SERPS. Never Post Same article over and over with little edits. Better to edit existing article. It is also most important factor for Search engine ranking.
  9. Rel=Canonical: Sometime your website have Duplicate urls for the same post. use Rel=Canonical tag with Original Urls to avoid duplicate content penalty from search engines.
  10. URL of Webpages : Make sure that urls pointing to your main content are clean. Don’t use these characters for main content  “;”,”/”, “?”, “:”, “@”, “=” and “&” .
  11. Keyword In H1 Tag:  H1 tag is important signal that tell Google Search Bot about relevancy of content. Use it wisely. Really Important Google Ranking Factor.
  12. OutBound Links or OutWard Links: Make Sure You are linking to relevant content from your web page. Try to link to only high authority websites.
  13. Grammers and Spelling Mistakes: Make Sure your website don’t have  Grammatical and Spelling mistakes.
  14. Genuine Content : Authors on your website must post Original content to your website. It must not be copied from other Indexed Pages.
  15. Broken Links: Make sure your website don’t have any broken link (Link  to any webpage that don’t exist).
  16. User Friendly Layout: Make your content clearly visible.
  17. Alt Tag For Images: Always Use alt tag for images.
  18. Schema.Org Microformat:  Pages which is embedded with Micro Formats enjoying higher ranking. Its Important Ranking Factor for Search Engine.
Entire website related google ranking factors

Website Related Google Ranking Factors

These Factors belongs to entire website.

  1. Contact Us : Add Contact Us Page to sitewide.
  2. Regular Update: Update your website with fresh content on regular basis.
  3. Number of Relevant Pages: Higher number of relevant pages will get higher rank in search engine. It is also an Important Google Search Engine Ranking Factor.
  4. SiteMap: Sitemap declared sitewide will help search engine bot to index all your pages. Sitemap also tells google about the Priority(Importance) of content on your website.
  5. Uptime: If your website suffer downtime because of server issues will get lower rank or even remove your website from search results.
  6. TOS and Privacy Pages: These two pages will tell Search engines that your website is trustworthy and transparent member in the world of internet.
  7. Mobile Optimized: Always use responsive templates/Themes for your website. So that your website also get optimized for Mobile Phones and other gadgets.
  8. Navigation: Use Proper Navigation to all content available on your website with the help of Proper categories, Menus.
offpage Ranking factors

Off Page / Off Site or Backlink Related Google Ranking Factors

  1. Domain Age of Backlink: Old Websites which pointed to your website will help you getting higher ranking in search engine instead of those websites which is newly registered.
  2. Number of Linking Domain: Higher Number of Linked Domains will help your website to get higher ranking in Search Engine.
  3. Number of Links to Your Website: Higher Number of Relevant Backlink will take your website in higher ranking. Even if they are from same domain.
  4. Authority of Backlink’s Domain:  Backlinks from high authority website plays important role for your website ranking.  High PR domains have higher authority and Do Follow Backlinks from these domains do Magic for your website. Its really Important Factor.
  5. Diversity of Backlinks: Always create backlinks from different sources like  Forums, Blogs, News websites, Articles, Video sites, Audio Sites, Document sites etc etc.
  6. Contextual Links: Backlinks in the main content are the most relevant, they could also be placed on other objects of a page. Contextual Links are the most powerful backlinks.
  7. Backlink Anchor Text : Anchor Text which is used to link to your website send relevancy signal to Search Engine.
  8. Backlink Age: Older Backlinks will give your Website more trust factor and help for SERP.
audience related ranking factors

Audience Related Google Ranking Factors

Audience Refers to those people who visited your website from search engine, all these factors are critically Important Ranking Factors. These factors play a key role once your website is indexed and listed by search engine

  1. Click Through Ratio (CTR) : More People select your website to read from search engine results. Higher ranking you will get.
  2. Direct Traffic : Google Use Chrome as source to detect direct traffic of any website and Similarly Bing use internet explorer Browser. More direct traffic, More ranking in search engine as well.
  3. Repeat Traffic: If any website have large ratio of people as repeated visitors, it will send quality signal to search engine companies.
  4.  Dwell Time: Longer People stay on your website, higher rank your website enjoy.

Google looks for a variety of factors when ranking sites within the search engine. If you optimize every factor from the list, your site will likely end up ranking in the top 10 on Google.

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