Social media marketing is all about posting content, make advertisement to connect with desired audience. Main goal of social media Online marketing is to build a network of audience to get repeated traffic and sales to your business.

There are many social media networks but major players are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Youtube (Many people consider it as video hosting site only).

Advantages of Social media marketing

Social media marketing plays very important role these days. Major advantages are listed below.

  • Branding: Appearance of your company on social media platform increase your brand value and people more likely to trust your product and brand. They likely to buy product from you over well established brands from decades.
  • Customer Base: Its proven that social media retention rate is far much higher than emails or subscription based model. You can easily retarget your audience. Based on trust factor of your business, They will buy products from your business even if they don’t need it 😀 .
  • Viral products: Once people start buying from you, they usually share the products on their account, if little creativity added then post goes viral and your product and business grows at exponential rate at virtually free of cost.
  • Retargeting Web Audience: Imagine people who visited your website and didn’t bought any product from your website. You have no information about them. But you can still target those visitors using social media platform. Example: Facebook , they use Pixels. People usually don’t logout their account. when they visit your website so facebook knows that they visited your website. You can Retarget the web audience and hopefully they also convert into sales.
  • Cost effective: Its extremely cost effective in terms of branding compared to other marketing method. If played well then its also cheapest mode of advertisement that convert into sales.
  • Customer feedback: Customer feedback is key to any business these days specially when you online marketing. social media engagements provide you exact idea how people reacting to your products or services. This will help to improve your products and also help you to make your customer satisfied. When you provide help to your customer on social media, they feel like King .. Once they satisfied , they open their treasure for your products in future and Refer other people to do the same.

How to Start with Social media marketing?

Following these steps may help you in your social media campaign.

  • Account Creation: Create your account on various social media networks using your brand or company name. Use proper infographics that define your products and services.
  • Content Creation: Create content that force people to engage with. Such as, quiz questions, polls, funny videos etc. publish that content your account and share it in various groups.
  • Advertising: create advert for such content you created earlier and target only specific audience that may convert later your customers. example: A business is selling baby products, They created content with 4 images of babies and asked a question which baby is cute. Advertised that post as well. They targeted 22 to 28 year women because those women are likely to have babies and their possibility of engagement with their post is very high.
  • Publish Your Products: Publish your products to your account and again create advert for your products. Target same age group that bring you engagement.
  • Target Influencers: Target those people who have millions of followers, try to contact them and ask them to promote your business for commission or one time payment to publish content for you. If you found any person who have few thousands of followers but directly related to your business , you must try him to because he may provide you high quality traffic.
  • A/B Testing: This is very important step. A/B testing is the methodology where people try two different approaches toward common goal. You must try 2 3 different content and adverts. Compare their results. choose the better one and try to re optimize to achieve further progress toward your goal.

Social media marketing is time consuming for newbies. You need to have patience and keep trying until you reach your goals. Initially, This may take time, money and efforts but if keep trying, it will get paid off . Once you understand to target right audience for your business. You will win and enjoy the quality traffic at cheapest cost.

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