Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to optimization of website so that it can rank higher in search engine. In other words, getting visibility in online world. People looking for information over internet with help of search engines like Google. Search engines help you to get Traffic to your websites.

Search engines display two type of search results. on very top they are sponsored results or say adverts. These adverts marketing method known as search engine marketing or PPC. Rest of the search results known as “Organic search results” and traffic from these results known as “Organic Traffic”. SEO Is all about getting more and more traffic.

Advantages of SEO

Search engine optimization is the second most important factor of online marketing as millions people searches over internet on daily basis and it drives traffic to your website virtually free of cost.

All search engines display 10 search results by default excluding ads results. 20% traffic goes to relevant ads, 50% traffic visit top 3 result, 25% people visit rest 7 results. only 5% visit beyond page 10th result.

There are thousands of website that publish similar information, but only 10 Websites will be rewarded with most of the traffic from search engine. SEO helps your website to get top 10 rank in search results so that your business can get organic traffic and bring you business as well. SEO make you in better position than your competitors online.

How Search engine works?

Search engines consider many factors while ranking any website in search results. But three major factors that search engines consider are listed below.

  • Content: Content is king and most important factor while ranking any website. Any website with lot of unique content that solve the purpose of query in search engines rank higher in Search results. search bots are smart to evaluate content is unique or duplicate.
  • Site Structure: Quality site structure that load fast, easy navigation and clear coding used to develop website. Clean websites allow search bots to evaluate your website and know about content of your website. Proper user of html meta tags provide information about your website to search bots.
  • Backlinks : Backlink is the third most important factor that inform search bots how popular is your website over internet and how people reacted on the content. Backlinks are like authority vote to your website. In Google’s term this authority known as Pagerank.

SEO Is all about optimizing these three factors to get higher rank in search engine results.

How to start with SEO?

Now you have learned about search engines, let start with search engine optimization. There are basically many steps involved in the process. All of them listed step by step below.

  • Niche / keywords : Niche is a broad term used for a category such as automobile, blogging, marketing, chemical industry , consumer product and so on. keywords are focused around individual topic or product. very first step is to identify keywords related to your industry. Example: Automobile is niche, BMW Car is main keyword.
  • Create Website: Create website that is 100% optimized with search engines and make sure its light weight and loads fast for better visitors experience.
  • Publishing content: Publish unique content to your website that is helpful to visitors. Publish content related to targeted keywords. For an example: Marketing is niche, SEO Is main keyword. We published all information related to SEO people look into search engine. you can find all related keywords to main keywords in google itself or many other tools available online.
  • On page optimization: After publishing content to your website. we must ensure that everything is correct like title of the page, description of the page, keywords are properly used in published content. This process is known as On page optimization.
  • Backlinks: This task is the most important and difficult in the process of SEO. We need to share our content on social media websites which is bit easy. But getting backlink from relevant website is much complicated. other website owners are unlikely to provide backlinks until unless we add some value to them in term of content or monetary. This is an on going process to take long lasting search engine ranking benefits.

Entire SEO campaign is run around keywords , content and quality backlinks. we need to target more and more keywords so that we can maximum traffic from search engine.

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