Search engine marketing is one of the best online marketing strategy that involves paid advertising in Search engines such as Google an Bing. SEM Also known as Cost Per Click Marketing.

Why Search engine marketing is important?

All people online visit search engines (Google, Bing) on regular basis in order to gain information or before making their buying decision for any product. That’s why its essential for any business to perform search engine marketing.

In search engine marketing, advertisers need to bid for keywords, and whenever people search that term in search engine, Your advert will be displayed. Whenever people’s search is commercially intent, they are already in buying mode and very high chance that they will buy product or service from you.

Search engine marketing allow you to reach correct people at correct time when they are looking information to buy any product. Conversion ratio is very high compared to any other form of online marketing. PPC advertising is non-intrusive and does not interrupt their tasks. SEM is the fastest way to get high quality traffic to your business.

How Search engine marketing (SEM) Works?

There are hundreds of advertisers looking to advertise their product so bidding of each keyword is essential. Its not necessary that highest bidder will get top position in search engine ads because google and bing uses complex algorithm to decide which ads display on top.

There are many factors that decide ads ranking in search engines.

  • Bid: Higher bid on keyword get first chance but once your ads are performing well you can decrease the bid and still enjoy top rank.
  • Advert: what advert you made highly decisive in ranking. if you made poor ads with even highest bid, your ads will not get rank. so better quality copy of advert where people likely to click on your ads to enjoy all benefits.
  • Landing page: Landing page also decisive in advert rank in search engines. if your bid are high, ad copy is also great but landing page is poor then you will not get higher rank.
  • User experience: If user experience is great who searched and visited your website by clicking ads, you will get 100% top rank in adverts with even lowest bid. Note: User experience means user’s search is over at your website and he is satisfied with the information or product deal at your website.

Together all these factors make quality score which is measured from 1 to 10. Highest quality score means higher rank , highest traffic at lowest cost.

Getting paid top rank in search engine results is the main goal of search engine marketing.

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