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what is backlinks
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What Is Backlink?

Backlinks are Incoming Links pointed from other websites to your site. Backlinks are also known as Incoming Links, Inbound Links , Inlinks and Inward Links. A backlink can be obtained from any web assets like ( social media site, video hosting sites, directories, blogs, websites, forums, news site.)

Backlinks play very important Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Because each Relevant Inbound link treated as vote in Search engine algorithm. More votes and quality content on your page , Higher ranking or Higher exposure in Search engine.

Types of Backlinks

  1. Naked : Naked Backlinks are the clickable inbound links with No Anchor Text Just a Simple clickable Link to your website. Example :
  2. Anchor Text: Anchor Text Backlinks are Incoming Links which is anchored with a link , text Known as “Keyword” Example: Yahoo!


Naked backlinks have less value as they don’t tell search engine about the information they could found on that link whereas Anchor Text Inbound link provide information about the webpage it linked to.

What are DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks?

In 2005, Google Announced a new attribute which is called “NoFollow” will be included in the search engine algorithm. It was a revolutionary step to stop Backlinking Spamming. Spammers spam everywhere with their link to get more and more backlinks from other websites in form of Commenting and other methods.

Example of NoFollow Backlinks: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

Google Bots will not count as a vote which have Nofollow Attribute.

By Default, All Links are DOFOLLOW but, To Stop Spamming Majority of Websites Using NoFollow attribute to outbound links.

Why Backlink are Important?

You created a fresh website and Nobody knows about it except you. How will people find your website over internet? People may have direct link to your website which is distributed by you or People will search over Google, Bing and any other search engine. Search Engines will list 10 Websites related to the Search Term Known as “Keyword“.

If would be great if your website rank in Search engine in top 10 list so that your website can get maximum exposure over internet.  Various Search engines like Google,Bing have their own algorithm to rank websites on the basis of various Factors and Relevant Backlink is one of the important factors to be considered.

Higher Number of Quality Backlink will help your website to rank higher in search engine. which will give you free Traffic/Visitors/Readers To your website who are looking for Information you are going to provide on your website. It will Also help Search engine Bots to find all articles published on your website faster and Indexing in their Search results.

*Note: Relevant Backlink are those links which came from those website which are relevant to your website as well. 

Example: If your website have great content about “Parenting” then Your Inbound Link must be from Other Parenting sites Or Baby Related Websites. If you are getting high number of Backlink from non Relevant websites like Physics Related Website or Cars Related Website or Banking Related website then Google Bot will automatically consider all those Links as Spam and May Punish your website by Removing your website completely from Search Engine. During Last 5 years, Thousands of website got punished because of Non Relevant Inbound Links. So Be Careful before creating links to your site wildly.

How To Get Relevant Backlink?

  1. Focus on the Content of your website. Fresh Content for which people are Looking for.
  2. Find Various Sources Like Forums, Blog , Website that allow you to put a link, Directories , RSS aggregators etc etc in your Niche.
  3. Keep in Mind that whenever you try to make an Inbound Link , Better to provide some information by writing an article about the page you are linking To. Example: Suppose i am having a website related to Car and forum site related to Tyres. Then it would be great to add some information about cars which appears on my website as well.  30 to 40 words details would be okay.
  4. Write Articles on other websites (Make sure its unique and not a copy of article in on your website.

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