Private Blog Network Advantages and Disadvantages

private blog network advantage
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What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Blog Network (PBN)?


Private Blog Network are set of Small Websites with quality content which provide link to your Major Big Website from where you make sales or money through advertising etc etc. You have full control over them so its far much better than generating backlinks from web 2.0 properties. PBN are one of the strongest SEO tactics which boost your main website ranking in search engine results within few weeks. Here Boost word refers to top 10 Rankings.

PBN Pros Cons

Advantages/ Pros of Private Blog Network

1. Control:  PBN is only method which gives you control over Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. No Other link building method can give you such freedom. You can dictate the anchor text to your main website so that it can get higher rank in search engine keyword by keyword 😀 .. This is the biggest benefit of holding PBN.
2. Authority and Trust Transfer: As you have minimum of 10 content oriented small blogs with approx 10 to 20 articles per website. Expired domains also have some authority. You can easily divert that authority and trust to your main website with great proportion.
3. Higher SERP: When Number of higher authority blogs Redirect their trust and authority to your blog using anchor text backlink. Fact is that, Your Main website’s Search engine ranking will rocket to top 10 positions (depend on Number of blogs in your network , quality of those micro blogs ) with used keyword as anchor text.
4. No Outreach and Networking: Once you have your own network, you don’t need to send emails or build any kind of relationship with other webmasters in your niche.  I would recommend to build relationship with them and get additional links to your website but its not mandatory after creating your own blog networks. No More Begging of Link exchange..

Disadvantages / Cons of Private Blog Network

  1. Cost Factor : To Build a Good PBN, We recommend to use minimum of 10 Blogs with Expired Domains to see effective results in search engine or Better SEO.  Good Expired domains with some trust and authority will be available for $50 to $500 upon Niche to Niche.  Lets take an assumption with 10 blogs.
    Cost of 1 Blog =  $50 Domain + $12 Hosting + $5 whois + $50 quality articles + $8 Misc = $125
    10 blogs = $1250.  So minimum expense would be $1250 and Maximum can go upto $2000 for 10 Self Hosted Blog where you outsourced everything. You can save little money by writing articles your own for each domain.
  2. Time Investment: For buying 10 quality domains which have authority and trust , you have to spend time which may take upto 6 to 24 hours. Most of the domains you find are not quality domains which are listed at auctions website. So finding quality domains may take some time. buy domains with minimum trust of 15 points. Use this tool to check Points . Once you get the domains, then you need different different web hosting services so that all your blogs have different ip address and different countries (english speaking) as well. and this will take time too.  Then you need freelancer who write articles on your blogs or Setup your entire network and this will take time and money both . In short you need minimum of 4 weeks to setup 10 blogs one by one. Never up all blogs at once. Take time and build your network slowly.
  3. Risk: If you Don’t play the above two steps properly then you may fall into two situation a) Your website will get de-indexed along with entire network b) Your website will get manual penalty for unnatural link building attempt.  These risks are very rare but happens when people trying to build their private blog network very fast and trying to save time.

You Can Buy Private blog Network Services At Affordable Cost and Fully Managed Services.


Summary: Go ahead and Start building your private blog network, All business have some risk involve with it.  Invest your time and Little money in it and Enjoy higher rank in search engines and finally Have some sales/commissions.  If you played properly then Return on Investment/Time would be Manifolds.

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