On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank Top 10 In Google

On-Page SEO Techniques
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Before we go into On-Page SEO Techniques , let me give you a brief about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is a process where you optimize web page for listing your website in top 10 search engine results like Google Results.

SEO basically Contain two parts

  1.  On-Page SEO :  On-page techniques include all optimization efforts on your web page.
  2.  Off-Page SEO : Off-Page techniques include all optimizations that outside your web page.

On this page we will Discuss all about On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Techniques

In this tutorial, We will discuss all Factors that affects Search engine ranking in Google and Bing. All On-Page Techniques we are going to discuss.

  1. Title With keyword : Always start your title with the targeted keywords.  This factor is one of the most critical factor for Search Engine Ranking or Google Ranking factor. Whenever you write your title tag, Just place your keyword in front.  You can use modifiers with your targeted keywords. Modifiers like “Year i.e 2016” ,  “Best” , “Review” , “Free” , “Download”, “Cheap” , “Affordable” that suits best to your keyword.On Page SEO Title
  2. Use Google Friendly Urls : Make sure your urls are clean and easy to understand and most important thing is, It Contain your targeted keyword.Ugly urls are like: Urls looks like: send importance and relevancy signal to Search engines like Google and help google bot to determine what your web page is all about.  This is one of the most important factors for Google Search Engine Ranking. So always avoid ugly urls.On-Page SEO URL
    This will also help you in getting repeat traffic. Example: If someone visit your website. and again he is looking for the same data, Many people enter keywords directly into the address bar. At that time your website will automatically get listed and no need of Google Search Engine.Don’t Use Modifiers Specially Related to Time in Urls. When we modify the data for 2017.  This url become useless and if create new page with changed year and same data as previous year. Google Will Award your website with Duplication penalty.
  3. H1 Tags: You Must Ensure That Your Page Title which appear on your web page is embedded with H1 Tag. Also Known As Heading Tags. H1 Tag Mean Heading 1 Or you can say main heading of your web page. To Ensure This .. Select the title of your page. Right Click on selected area and then click on View Source or Inspect.On-Page Seo H1 Tag
  4. H2 Tags: Always use of H2 Tags as well.  Heading 2 Tag Must contain your targeted keyword with helping words like “Features” , “Description” etc. depend on your keyword. Just Make sure that H2 Tag must have targeted keywords.
  5. Keyword in Article:  Use of Targeted keyword within 50 words of your website is highly recommended.  This will ensure the relevancy of your web page with the targeted keyword.  Focused writers by default use on targeted keyword but few people who are not professionals made mistakes by not focusing on their web content and what’s is all about. They write for useless stuff More and Less writing on the Main topic for which the web page created.On-Page SEO Content
  6. Use of Multimedia : If Possible use multimedia like Images, Videos, Audios and any other form to interact with visitors. Increase their engagement with your website so that they stay longer on your website and get the information for what they are looking.
  7. Responsive Page: Use Responsive Themes and Templates for your website so that your web page can interact with Mobile users or smaller display users. Google Strictly recommend to use of Responsive page that make your web page mobile user friendly.
  8. Loading Speed : If Your web page take more than 6 seconds to load completely, then your website may unlikely to get higher rank. This Factor is directly linked with user experience so Google punish all website with higher loading time with No to Lower rankings. Recommended Time is Below 4 Seconds. You can check Your website loading speed on webpage test

    On-Page SEO Loading Speed
  9. Image Optimization : Image Optimization is important part as it directly affect Page Loading Speed. Try to Use High Density Pictures with Lowest Possible Size. I would Recommend You to use Facebook for Lowering the size of images and Videos if Resolution doesn’t matter. Facebook Compression Works Great and give you best possible file quality at lowest size.
  10. Use Alt Tag for Images : Google Bots are Blind and they can’t see your images. So they don’t know what image is all about. Use of Alt tags for Images will give name to images which is further processed at google server.
  11. OutBound links: If Possible , Always Use Outbound link on your web page. Specially if your website is new. Google bot use outbound link as relevance of the web page. It works as Relevancy signal which is really good for your website.Note: Always Use Trusted Source as Outbound link, specially the Public sources like Wikipedia and services which is already listed in top 3 rankings. Example is Displayed Below.On-Page SEO Outbound link
  12. Internal Links:  Always link to different web page that are directly related to current page to gain more and more relevancy signal from your own website itself. This will help Google to Estimate about the information appear on your page. Wikipedia is the best example of using internal link and Always get Top Ranking in Search engine for Majority of searches.Text with Blue Color in Below Image is Internal Link.

    On-Page Seo Internal Link
  13. Use Related Keywords: Use Between 2 to 4 Related Keyword in your article properly to get More relevancy Signals from your web page. Google’s algorithms are now efficient to to calculate about the relevancy of your page. and use various methods that i can’t explain in this post.  The Best way to find relevant keyword is Google Search Itself known as Related Searches.On-Page SEO Related Search
  14. Article Length: Length your article must be minimum of 300 words, 600 to 900 Words articles is recommended. Above 1000 Words, Your article have full chance to get top 10 ranking. Make sure Your article will not annoy readers. Write in a way that Reader enjoy your article for little long time so that your website can maintain Ranking.Example: If you write 300 words article, Visitors from Search engine may give a quick look and may not found interesting web page and Hit Back Button to give a look on other  website. This may give a negative signal to search engine about relevancy of your web page related to searched keyword.  hence your web page is prone to Lower Ranking.If you write 600 to 900 Words in proper way , Visitor will interact and spend some time to lookup on your web page and Obviously reading the article. You should not worry. All is Well in term of On-Page SEO.If you write above 900 Words, Be Cautious while writing. You must consider about User Engagement with your article.
  15. Meta Description : Meta Description tag is used to tell search engine about the page’s content. In short a brief description about your web page. You can use meta description as a advertisement in Google. When you write meta description , Make sure that it is relevant to Targeted keyword, Provide information about information visitors will get on the page and Some attractive words so that visitors will click on your web page from google result.This will increase CTR (Click Through Rate) to your website, Higher CTR website with good User engagement pages always get higher ranking.
  16. Cache: You must Cache your images, Javascript, CSS and images and other objects embedded on web page to increase your website’s Speed. This is one of the most important On-page SEO Factor as it directly affects your website speed.
  17. Compression: Always compress and Minify  CSS, Javascript files and Html files to save bandwidth as well improve Loading speed.
  18. Use Social Buttons: More shares on your web page will give User Engagement Signals to Google and Google interpret your web page as good content with happy readers.

Summary of On-Page SEO Techniques.

Always keep in mind that On-Page SEO Techniques Listed above only Work when your content is Unique, well written on the Topic (Targeted keyword). If Google’s user found it useful, your web page will Likely to stay at top , if they don’t like it , Your Page will get lower rank to No Rank.

For On-Page SEO, All you need is useful content, Your web page load faster than 4 seconds, Good User Engagement and High CTR by writing good quality meta description about your web page.

If You Have Any Questions Regarding On-Page SEO Techniques Listed On This Page. Feel Free To Ask Us. 

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