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Make Money As A Web Hosting Reseller?

Web Hosting Reseller
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Ever Heard The Term ” Web Hosting Reseller “. Are You a Serious Reseller??

I can Show You How To Make Money With It. Do you want to make money on the internet promoting web services for another company? Have you recently joined a web hosting reseller or domain reseller program but aren’t sure what to do next? Have you already started your business but aren’t sure how to get more visitors?

I give you all the information you need to know if you want to succeed on the internet and I tell you everything in plain, everyday English, not confusing techie jargon.

I have taken everything that has taken me a couple of years to figure out about being a reseller and the best way to start, run and grow a reseller business and distilled it into a 128 page ebook.

You will learn everything you need to know to build your web hosting reseller business into a successful, beyond-your-dreams business.

In the book I tell you

Why you MUST have your own web site (especially if your Web Hosting Reseller Program provides you with a pre-made web site!)

  1. How to Choose a Great Domain Name
  2. How to Avoid Registering a “Problem” Domain that could get you into Legal Trouble
  3. The Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Web Site
  4. The Biggest Mistake Most New Resellers Make
  5. The Two Most Common Web Site Legal Issues and How to Avoid Getting Tangled up in one of them
  6. Step by Step Instructions for Setting up your Web Site Email
  7. The Two Best Ways you Can Protect yourself from Spam
  8. How to Get Visitors to your Web Site
  9. How to Get Listed in all the major Search Engines
  10. How to Improve your Search Engine Ranking
  11. Why the Words you use on your Web Site can help or hurt your Web Site Ranking and how to find the best words to use (the ones most Resellers use are usually the worst ones!)
  12. How to Get other Web Sites to Link to your web site and why you MUST care about this
  13. The Best and Worst Sites to Link to and the web sites you must avoid linking to no matter what
  14. The Best and Worst ways to Advertise your Business (both pay and for free)
  15. The most effective advertising method currently available
  16. The MOST important advertising rule and why you MUST follow it if you want your business to be successful
  17. How to Avoid getting ripped off by the most common traps and scams that most new resellers fall for
  18. How to Deal with Difficult Customers
  19. The Top 10 Ways to Win Points with your Customers
  20. The ONE thing that you absolutely MUST do for your customers or your Reseller business could be ruined
  21. How to Choose the Best Structure for your Business and Determine whether or not you need to Incorporate
    Income tax issues you need to be aware of
  22. How to Find out if you have to charge Sales Tax on your Products
  23. How to Know if you need a Business License and How to Get one if you do need one
  24. What you need to have to set up a business bank account
  25. The Easiest Way to keep track of all your expense
  26. How to Decide if you need a business phone line and a cheap way to get one if you need one
  27. How to Balance your Life and Business in a way that’s fair to you and your family members
    And MUCH More!

You Can Download It For Free From Below Links.
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