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Willing To Buy Private Blog Network ? Service to Create A PBN  For You Or Looking to Buy PBN Links for Your SEO Needs?

Creating a Private Blog Network is not an easy task, It take lots of time, dedication as well as lots of money. We Ensure that there is no footprint left behind it so that it become a real private network.

Now talk about the Cost of creation of dedicated private network with 10 ultra powerful blogs.

10 Quality Domains = $500

10 Web hosting = $100 per month.

10 articles per blog = $500

Web 2.0 Backlinks to your blog = $200 for 10 domains.

Private Registration = $50 for 10 domains

So total Cost would be $1350 One time + $100 Recurring expense Per Year for domain renewal + $1000 for Quality Web Hosting yearly.

This is the Expense on complete Private Blog Network with 10 Blogs where you have 100% control on it.

** Above Cost of Blog network will Change according to Your Needs Like Expired Domain Cost may be less or More, Web Hosting costing may be less or more etc etc.

Instead of Creating Entire Network for your own, I would recommend to Outsource the entire Work and buy Managed Private Blog Network Service or Links for your needs.

Why To Consider Managed Private Blog Network Services?

Managing Private blog network is a big pain even after setting up everything. A team dedicated to System Setup make it easier but still not an easy task.

Benefits of Managed private blog network services listed below.

  1. Uptime Monitoring : As many clients sharing same server, We Ensure that each server is running 24 hours , 7 days, 12 Months continuously without any problem.
  2. Premium Web hosting : You are going to share lots of server with other people which will help you to reduce server costing. All dedicated servers help to maintain the quality of Private blog network.
  3. Fresh Content: You will get Fresh content on all your blogs (1 article per site for every two months) which make your network more powerful with time.
  4. Free Domain Registration : Renewals will be free in Managed Service So we won’t let your domain expire.
  5. Admin Access : you will have full access to backend to your all blogs.
  6. First Month Free : You will get Management service for first month absolutely free.


Price : $550 Setup Cost and $50 Per month (First Month Free)

If you have any question please write to us using comment Box.

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